Module 3



Module 3:1 - Own it

Own the relationship with your students

We genuinely hope that you regard your students as one and the same. It's not just a couple of kids you work with on the side or a quick method to cover your costs while you're at school. No, we want you to treat them as if they were your own, something you should care for and nurture.


Module 3:2 - Where the gold is

Weekly sessions is where the gold is at!

This is true of almost anything — you can't go to the gym once and expect to see results. You can't expect to pass a topic by attending just one class in university. Similarly, you can't expect to strike gold with only one session with your learner.

We strongly feel that weekly sessions are essential for achieving outcomes. We emphasise this to our students' parents, but it is ultimately up to you to keep this habit going. After each class, we'd like you to confirm the next session with the parent for the following week and then schedule in TutorCruncher.

You should presume – and set the expectation with your learners – that you're seeing them at least once a week.
We understand that examinations, another job, or a friend's party will keep you occupied at times, but please do everything you can to make your sessions a priority and as regular as possible. If you will be unable to attend a booked session, try to reschedule the lesson for another day during the same week. Even missing one week can have a big impact on your student's growth, and missing them regularly is a waste of time and money for the family you assist.

Our most successful tutors are those who are the most consistent with their lessons; they earn the most, receive the finest results, and are ultimately the happiest. They will frequently meet with each of their students numerous times per week because they have demonstrated their worth.


Consistency is everything, so become a role model of consistency for your students by being there for them every week.



Module 3:3 - First Impression matter


First impression is everything hence why we provide our clients with a trial session which you have the opportunity to get paid for.

The first is your chance to demonstrate that you are the right tutor for the job. We've done everything we can to earn the parent's trust and persuade them that we're the right service for them, and now it's up to you to demonstrate how you can provide value to their child that no one else can.

What does this mean for you?
  • You will still be paid for the first session. All you need to do is ensure you come prepared and leave a great impression so that parents will want to continue working with you and book you in as their child's tutor ongoing after the first session.
  • If for any reason parents feel that you are not the right fit, the client will not be charged and therefore you will not get paid. This rarely happens as we have done prior extensive work in ensuring finding a tutor fit for the student and also provide a brief on the student and what they require. If you wish more information we can provide it on request.
To give you the skills and opportunity to nail your first session, we have created a First Session Worksheet with 10 tips on how to nail your first session with your new student.

Once you accept a student in Tutor Cruncher, all of the details will be sent to you in an email or via text.

There are a number of steps you need to take before, during and after the lesson to ensure the first session process is an incredible experience for the family you work with.



Your very first move will be to call or text the parent and introduce yourself. 

Here is an example:

"Hi my name is (your name)

and I'm a tutor from The Study Hub. 

was wondering when would be a good

time to contact you to arrange a time

and date to commence tutoring?"


This step is really important and should be completed as early as possible and no later than 24 hours.

In this welcome call you can introduce yourself, confirm the details for the first session and discuss the needs of the student to ensure you arrive to the first lesson fully prepared.

NOTE: Whilst a syllabus document can be very useful for a tutor, some students fall outside of the requirements of a syllabus. In the first instance tutors should always start with the relevant syllabus as this will help them to ‘frame’ their expectations of the students and what they should be able to achieve. A syllabus document can help a tutor to write formalised study programs so that the work they do is relevant to the student in the context of their school education.




The first session is primarily about learning the student's skills and limitations. We accomplish this by completing a customised assessment that compares their talents to those of their classmates.
This may be intimidating, but you are not alone. In Tutor Hub, we provide detailed first session worksheets for you to work through with your student that cover a variety of abilities. 

If you feel you need some extra support book some time in with Fibi who is the head tutor and she will be able to help and guide you with tailoring the lesson to your student.

You can book a one on one with her via this link: 1:1 with Fibi



Please confirm the session in Tutor Cruncher after the lesson. When you confirm the session, you'll be given a few questions about the student, which will be emailed straight to the parent. This will report will be sent to the parents, so ensure it is detailed and provides constructive and positive feedback.

Following that, we check up with the parent to see how things went. If there is a problem and they do not think you are the proper educator for them, we will contact you to arrange a debriefing call with one of our staff members.



Students who have purchased lessons for a full term are given ONE make up sessions. If they need to cancel ensure you give them an opportunity to reschedule or take the initiative to prompt them to rescheduled the cancelled session.

We have a 8-hour cancellation policy for our PAYG sessions, which means that if a parent does not tell you that they will be unable to attend a planned session within 8 hours of the session, they will be charged a cancellation fee, and you will be paid your standard hourly rate. 

It is entirely up to you whether or not to charge this fee. We normally recommend giving it one warning before charging it, but the choice is yours.


Module 3:4 - Online Lessons

Connecting with students over the internet is a terrific approach to work with students who live outside of your area or who are unable to attend face-to-face classes.
LessonSpace is a platform for online lessons that we created ourselves. It's similar to any video conferencing platform (Zoom, Google Meet, or Facetime), but it's designed exclusively for tutoring, with a variety of extra features to help you engage your learners.

It's worth noting that connecting with a student through the internet might be considerably harder than dealing with them in person. Engaging a child through a screen is much more difficult than engaging them while they are sitting next to you. So ensure you prepare yourself and create a fun and engaging session.