About Us

The Study Hub was started in 2018, with a mission to help grow the confidence of students who were struggling to thrive in their schools. With a passionate team of highly skilled and professional tutors, our approach allows us to empower students, and enable them to excel in their academic journey.  We opt for a positive learning approach and strategies to support your child’s academic background. Our unique way of teaching boosts confidence in our students and enables them to succeed in school. The Study Hub is built on a foundation of inclusivity, passion to teach and mentor and working together to create a fun and exciting learning journey, both for students and also for parents.

Our Values:


We take responsibility for yourr child to pepare them for a brighter future, by developing inner confidence, courage and making them able to achieve something to their full potential. We guide them to believe in their own abilities to build a strong foundation that helps them to succeed in academics, as well as personal challenges.


Our expert tutors are well aware of the fact that every student has different challenges and goals. We collaborate with parents to develop the best possible learning strategies for their children. We use numerous learning tools to educate your kids, to build self-confidence in them.


We celebrate the diversity of our students and offer them highly optimized resources that help them to learn things easily. Our educational experts develop pedagogical practices of national educational standards that facilitate the students to improve their academic results. We celebrate each and every milestone as no achievement is ever too small.


We continue to support our students academically and practically. We provide them with sound content, developed particularly for all students, to support their academics. We aim to support parents through continuous communication, transparency and providing a fun, interactive and dress free experience.

The Founder

Study Hub FounderIn 2018, I decided to embark on a business venture to help students excel in school and build their confidence. 

Reflecting back as a fellow parent, I often look back to when I was a young student. A student who often lacked the confidence in school to grow and stay motivated to excel. Looking back I wish I had a tutor that would help me understand, keep me motivated and help me nourish my confidence to be the best I could be academically. 

With a B.A Arts Degree Majoring English and sub-majoring History and Political Thoughts, THRASS Certified and extensive experience in training and coaching, The Study Hub Tuition humbly began while I was only 20 weeks pregnant. I aim for our services to support both students and their parents. The Study Hub provides more than just homework help. Our passion is to see our students grow in confidence and excel at school continuously. Our positive learning and exclusive literacy approach is what makes us stand out from your standard tutoring program and our tutors thrive to support and mentor throughout our students academic journey, relieving fellow parents from the afternoon rush and struggle to juggle.

We always see students as children with high potential, but it is often the lack of confidence that stops them from achieving academically in school.

As a mother I understand the concerns of parents. It’s tough, we want to help our kids feel supported and have the opportunity to grow.The Study Hub does not only service our students but their parents as well.

The Study Hub we don’t want parents to feel stressed about their kids' academic performance or deal with homework struggles. We are built on the foundation that our students and their parents deserve all the support they need in order to achieve their desired goal. Our aim  and passion is to create a stress free experience while parents see positive changes in their children.

As an educator I believe that as tutors and teachers we must show characteristics of courage to make a difference in children’s lives and stay a positive force to develop each child to flourish, especially those lacking confidence in themselves.  

I hope that you allow our passion for teaching to be the beginning of a positive progression in your child's academic growth and confidence.