School Readiness Sessions



Why School Readiness?

Preparing your child to transition to school is an exciting time. But can also feel overwhelming if your feel unsure about your child's school readiness.

Getting your child to feel confident and excited about school is a matter of providing your child with the right opportunities, resources and environment.

A child's first year in school sets them up for the rest of their academic life, so it's important they are feeling excited and also confident in many aspects of school.


Our school readiness program offers many benefits in preparing for school. We offer a safe, fun and engaging environment that provides and supports our little learners with the skills they need for a successful school start and beyond.





Our philosophy is based on our 4 C's:









All while incorporating the five domains of school readiness, which include: language and literacy, curiosity towards learning, cognition and general learning, motor development and social and emotional development.



Our Literacy program is based on the THRASS® teachings.

THRASS (Teaching Handwriting Reading And Spelling Skills) is a research-based teaching method using phonics to teach how the letters of the English alphabet are used to represent speech sounds in written words.

Our school readiness sessions are designed to build oral language, vocabulary, letter recognition, letter formation and phonemic awareness. 

Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear and manipulate the individual speech sounds of a language. A child's level of phonemic awareness on entering school is the strongest single determinant of success in learning to read and spell. 

Watch this video to learn more about THRASS®




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