Welcome back to school!


We are welcoming Term 1 with a BANG!


For most kids returning back to school can be an exciting time. However, for others it may feel overwhelming and scary. 

The thought of new teachers, new classrooms, new classmates and the huge disruption Covid-19 had on our kids last year, could be the reason our child feels anxious about going back to school.

Here is how you can help as a parent:

  • Let you child know what to expect. Remind them of how school is a place where they can do the things they like such as, fun acyivities, sports, arts and science. 
  • Encourage them to ask questions. Perhaps to solve one of their biggest worry is only an answer away.
  • Allow them to become familiar with the schools facilities and let them know to ask a teacher if they're unsure where the toilets, hall or canteen may be.
  • Create a simple routine. Not sure where to start, check out our post Simple Back to School Routine
  • If you have any concerns or perhaps you child may need some extra support or help, get in contact with your child's teacher so that they're aware of your child's circumstances.
  • Consider the impact of Covid-19. School drop-off's may be very different now, so set up you child's first day of school for success and be prepared so there are no unexpected changes.
  • Ease in to it. Remember, the first days and weeks of school can be pretty overwhelming and exhausting for all involved. Try to minimise after-school activities as you ease into the new school year, and encourage early bedtimes and plenty of rest while they adjust to the new routine.

We are super excited to get back into tutoring again. We hope you've had an amazing break with lots of fun adventures or perhaps taken advantage of well deserved break to relax, unwind and do all the things you love to do at home with your family.

We can't wait to hear all about your first day back at school at your tutoring session.

Make sure you check out our WELCOME message from our Founder - Fibi


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